"Dig Deep" - The Mining Podcast, gives an insight to the global mining industry

The podcast is brought to you by myself Rob Tyson, mining head-hunter and founder and director of Mining International Ltd - specialists in the recruitment of mining professionals across the world.
The podcast discuss's and educates; talks about industry news, hot topics and company reviews through live interviews with mining professionals and leading figures in the mining industry. They share their experiences and journeys to help others in the industry to overcome challenges and problems they may be experiencing.

Rob Tyson

Voted #1 mining podcast that you should follow in 2023 - by Digital Mining: https://bit.ly/3yMCAFf

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast or would like to make a recommendation of a topic that you would like discussed or general feedback on the podcast, then please contact: rob@digdeeptheminingpodcast.com and put PODCAST in the subject.